Prisa Brand Solutions: The Spanish-speaking publisher with the highest growth in the US

Press release: Prisa is the leading digital company in reaching Hispanic audiences in the US with its 50+ sites and its audience-expansion technology 


  • Prisa is the Spanish-speaking digital media partner with the highest growth of unique users from January to November (279%)
  • Prisa’s sites grew three times more than Univision and seven times more than Telemundo during that period.
  • In 2020, broke audience records, topping ComScore’s rankings of Spanish sports sites.
  • ELPaí added journalists and writers in the US and LatAm, which contributed to content creation and special coverage in the region.


Miami, February 2, 2021– Prisa Brand Solutions has announced a significant growth of unique users in the US on its 50+ owned and operated sites compared to other well-known Hispanic media outlets in the market. From January to November 2020, the rate of unique users on sites operated by Prisa increased by 279%. This growth is three times higher than Univision and seven times higher than Telemundo. Similarly, in 2020, Prisa’s sites as a whole garnered the highest average of monthly unique users among Hispanic media., the top Spanish sports site in the US, broke audience records. According to ComScore, in November 2020, the site reached 16 million unique users and ranked first among Spanish sports sites in the US, above Marca, Mundo Deportivo, Peru’s Depor and Bolavip. AS USA is currently led by Alejandro Gomez, a Mexican native who, together with a multicultural, professional and strong team, has made the leading digital sports media outlet among Latin Americans and US Hispanics.

On the other hand, the site of Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS (ElPaí saw a 17% audience gain in 2020 compared with 2019 according to Comscore. By consolidating its digital subscription strategy, the site raised the value of its 1st party data in order to efficiently meet the goals of the advertising campaigns that target US Hispanics.

Prisa Brand Solutions’ portfolio can only be acquired through its regional sales teams. According to Prisa Brand Solution’s U.S. CEO José Antonio Ortega “the leading position of our sites is the result of an extraordinary team of journalists and experts who passionately live through news, sports, current affairs and content at our newsrooms in the U.S., Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Madrid. Listening to the readers and caring for our product are part of our obsession, and that has made us the leaders in trustworthiness and information among Hispanic audiences.”

The company highlights that the reading and content-consumption experience on its sites has been designed to offer great quality. “Advertisers get positive and real results for their campaigns when they choose to work with us. According to Integral Ad Science, 83% of US consumers believe online advertising should stand next to high-quality content and, in a nutshell, that is what we offer to our client brands –real high-quality results,” stated Ortega.

Prisa is a global brand owning more than 50 sites and radio stations, which focus on creating high-quality content for Hispanic audiences around the world. Prisa Brand Solutions leads Comscore’s Hispanic Ad Focus. Prisa’s owned sites, which include y, top Spanish media lists with the largest numbers of unique monthly users worldwide.



About Prisa Brand Solutions USA

PRISA Brand Solutions is a division of PRISA group owning a portfolio of 50 media outlets. Prisa has more than 14,000 employees around the world. The company has writing teams focusing on creating premium content on sports, information and entertainment. Prisa is part of Spain’s Stock Exchange and has offices in 15 countries, reaching more than 100M users through its global brands, which include El País, AS and PRISA Radio.
Prisa’s CEO is José Antonio Ortega Carrero, based in Miami.

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