Prisa Brand Solutions’ Growth Continues in the United States as the #1 Hispanic Ad Focus Publisher Network

Press release:

  • Prisa Brand Solutions announced that it was ranked #1 in Comscore’s Hispanic Ad Focus in May 2019 for the second month in a row.
  • The company announced a new partnership with Google.
  • Jorge Serrano, GroupM, Latam Head of Trading mentioned that “GroupM is fully committed with brand safety and high-quality content as the right platform to deliver our campaigns and we find both characteristics into the Prisa content ecosystem”.
  • Prisa explains the advantages to work with a publisher operating a premium site’s network.
  • The group owns and operates more than 50 sites and radio stations to connect with the Hispanic audience; the top sites being and

Prisa Group, the largest global media group in Spanish-speaking markets, listed in the Madrid stock exchange market (PRISY), tops the rank as the company with the greatest reach in the U.S. Hispanic market. Prisa Group which has U.S. branch, Prisa Brand Solutions USA, is also the owner of Mobvious Media.

“It’s not only about having the greatest reach; it’s about having the reach through a top-quality content ecosystem. We are publishers and we take care of our O&O sites to ensure the proper balance between ad inventory and content. We prioritize the user’s experience and in doing so we ensure that the effectiveness of our advertiser’s campaigns are maximum. Unlike networks that aggregate leftover traffic of Latino-American sites overexploiting those sites, we really take care of our advertiser’s campaigns.” – Jose Antonio Ortega, CEO of Prisa Brand Solutions USA.

“Being a top-quality publisher forces us to innovate and we are doing so in two convergent directions. First and foremost, we are investing in data. Prisa Data Hub is a pioneering project that helps advertisers to connect with their audiences using our content and our first-party data. Second, we are partnering with Google in a project to explore new opportunities in creating new ways to increase the ROI of our advertisers and we will be presenting them shortly in the US,” Ortega added.

Prisa Brand Solutions owned, and operated sites target Hispanic audiences all around the world. These include:, which has become one of the most widely-read sources for general information and entertainment amongst Spanish websites,, one of the most important sports sites aimed at Latin-American audiences and all the digital properties of Prisa Radio in LatAm (Los40, kebuena, LA W Radio, Caracol, among others).

“GroupM is fully committed with brand safety and high-quality content as the right platform to deliver our campaigns and we find both characteristics into the Prisa content ecosystem. The ROI of an impact in a site where the user experience and the content is relevant is higher than in those sites where impacts overlap each other and are predominant over the content.” – Jorge Serrano, GroupM Latam Head of Trading declared.

In addition to having their own sites targeting Hispanic audiences in the US, Prisa Brand Solutions also owns Mobvious Media, which specializes in mobile advertising and segmentation of Latin audiences. By using innovative partners’ technology, Mobvious can reach target audiences utilizing relevant data such as acculturation, generation, language, and country of origin that are key in determining Hispanic behavior. This, in turn, allows brands to secure effective engagement.


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