Prisa Brand Solutions Announces Appointment of Two Senior Executives to Continue Lead Sales and Business Development in the United States

*Press release:

Evelyn Adames and Edith Carranza will help drive growth of sales for Prisa Brand Solutions in the U.S. Hispanic market.

Prisa Brand Solutions, the premier media group in Spanish-speaking markets, today announced the appointment of Evelyn Adames, based in New York, and Edith Carranza, based in Miami, to lead the company’s sales strategy and business development in the United States.

Evelyn Adames brings more than 10 years of experience in guiding brand development using a total market approach. In particular, she has amassed a wealth of experience in U.S. multicultural and millennial market segments. Her expertise encompasses all aspects of digital marketing, from analyzing competitor and market trends to cultivating loyal relationships with customers.

She has worked with Cox Media Group, Latina Media Ventures, and Spark Foundry, where she managed the clients’ accounts and strategic planning for advertisers and agencies.

Edith Carranza brings more than 20 years of experience in the U.S. and Latin American media industry. Her goal-driven and proactive approach to identifying and seizing new opportunities has led her to excel in many areas of the digital industry.

Prior to joining Prisa Brand Solutions, Carranza worked with Hola TV as the head of advertising sales, where she structured and set up new advertising sales business units, increasing ad revenue streams year after year.

“Evelyn and Edith will bring innovative ideas and excitement around our products and services as we continue our growth in the U.S. Hispanic market with our solutions and services for the multicultural media plans,” said Jose Antonio Carrero, Chief Executive Officer for Prisa Brand Solutions in U.S. “These seasoned executives will elevate  Prisa’s portfolios in the United States to the next level, enabling accelerated market adoption and growth in the future.”

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