Hispanic sports fans demonstrate greater recall of brands associated with high profile sports events

According to a study by Turnkey Intelligence and Telemundo Deportes, the Super Bowl is the most highly regarded sporting event among the U.S. Hispanic population.

Traditional American sports, football, baseball, round out the four most popular sports among Hispanics. Soccer is easily the favorite sport of Hispanics-more than six times the ratio of Non-Hispanics.

Brands relying on sports partnerships and media programming as marketing platform would be smart to target Hispanic sports fans.

Validating these findings are results demonstrating that Hispanic sports fans are reasonably more likely to accurately recall (unaidedly), sponsors of high profile sporting events. This is true both for soccer events, as well as established American sports properties like the World Series or the Indianapolis 500. For example, Hispanics were 31% more likely than non- Hispanics to indicate Pepsi is a Super Bowl sponsor. 

Know more about some highlights to connect with the U.S. Hispanic audience during one of the most important events, Super Bowl 2020: 

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